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Bus Bombing Triggers Tight Security in Israel

Welcome to BBC World News. I'm Lyse Doucet. The Israeli military says a man was killed in a prolonged gun battle overnight when he tried to infiltrate a Jewish settlement in the Gaza strip. A spokesman said the man was wearing a Palestinian police uniform. The incident comes as security was tightened across Palestinian areas following the death of eight Israelis on Wednesday when a man drove a bus into a crowd of people near the city of Tel Aviv.

The prayers went on, the candles were lit for the eight Israelis who died in yesterday's bus attack. Many will be buried today. Israel is still in shock. This was the worst attack here in years. The violence has escalated seriously and Ariel Sharon was elected Prime Minister two weeks ago.

In Washington, President Bush made his strongest appeal yet for an end to what he called "The tragic cycle of violence." And he pointed the finger at Yasser Arafat.

US President George Bush: The tragic cycle of violent action and reaction between Israel and the Palestinians, particularly the escalation this week, needs to stop. I'm urging all parties to do their utmost to end the violence. We will continue to work with all parties to try to restore calm to the region.

The bus, driven by a Palestinian, plowed straight into bystanders, Israelis who had been waiting for a bus. Seven of those who died were soldiers. Israelis leaders have vowed that the perpetrators of attacks on Israel will pay.

Israeli Army Chief of Staff: We believe that the Israel Defense forces poses that determination required to face the flight of terror and violence. Even if this will be a long campaign, we will not be deterred and we will perform it and those are behind it. We will not hesitate to harm those who wish to harm us.

At the home of the man who drove the bus, there was shock too. Khalil Abu Olbeh was a 35-year old father of five, a family man. Hamas has claimed responsibility, but his family say he had no interest in politics. He was simply as frustrated as anyone else living in Gaza. Yassar Arafat has condemned the bus attack on Israel, but Palestinian leaders say they can't control popular frustration.

Palestine Legislative Council Member: There is no way in which the victim can sit back and quietly accept all forms of brutality and control the responses of every single individual and deliver security to the Israelis to the oppressors.

Israel for now has sealed off the West Bank and Gaza, cutting Palestinians off entirely from the outside world. This security measure will without doubt increase Palestinian anger. In Israel, tempers are rising too. People are scared. This man cursed the Arabs: “If people can be killed waiting for a bus in the morning, ‘What,’they ask, ‘ill come next?'"

Hillary Anderson, BBC News, Jerusalem



Deter v. 拦住,吓住

Escalate v.   逐步上升,逐步升级

Infiltrate  v. 混入,渗透