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"Seven" Blue Jeans

Ever since Bavarian immigrant Levi Strauss stitched together his first pair of blue jeans back in 1873, Americans have had a love affair with denim. Blue jeans quickly became a fashion necessity, even though the term didn't catch on until the 1960's when it was coined by the baby boomers. Now their kids have a brand-new obsession with this aging icon "seven" for all man-kind. The "seven" brand is just 18 months old, already its a hot seller with the fashion forward. But like many brands of the moment, will seven's number soon be up? Jen Rogers takes a look.

Producer Jen Rogers
You might never have heard of them, but people in the know certainly have.

Shopper Kimberly Wilson
I have three pairs already, this is my fourth pair.

Jen Rogers
Not a dime spent on advertising yet, still, seven jeans are flying off the shelves.

Shopper Hannah Graham
I own four pairs, and they fit really well.

Jen Rogers
The fit, fans say, is the key to seven's success.

Michael Glasser, Partner, Seven Jeans
Most people, I don't care what your figure is, look great in our jeans.
迈克尔·格拉瑟 "7"牌牛仔裤公司合伙人

Peter Koral, CEO, Seven Jeans
It's the most amazing thing to me, it's, it's like a drug to these women.

Jen Rogers
The must-have denim of the moment is the brainchild of Peter Corral, Michael Glassar and designer Jerome Dahan.

The first thing when a girl she's gonna buy a pair of jeans, she's gonna try it on, she's gonna look at her back, she's gonna look at her front, she wants to look great. I think I know when they look great.
杰罗姆·德汉, "7"牌牛仔裤设计师

Jen Rogers
Pahan is helping the company's bottom line look great as well. Seven hit stores about 18 months ago, racking up 12 million dollars in sales in the brand's first year. This year they are on track to book between 50 and 70 million dollars worth, and they can't make them fast enough.

Seven CEO
You know what? When we started this, this wasn't our plan, we didn't even aggressively go after it. Peter, yells at me for taking orders. I have to hide orders in my desk. You see, he yells at me. Too many orders.

Jen Rogers, CNN Los Angeles
This is the ever expanding shipping department at seven jeans. This week alone, they're going to ship 30 to 35 thousand units out of here. Just last month, they had to add on a second shift. While the fashion esters have been hip to seven for months, Wall Street is starting to catch on
as well.
简·罗杰斯,CNN 洛杉矶记者
这就是"7"牛仔裤不断扩张的发货部门。仅仅本周,他们就要从这儿运出3万至3.5 万条牛仔裤。上个月,他们不得不增加一个轮班的工人来干活。"7"牌牛仔裤被赶时髦的人关注了数月之后,又成了华尔街的宠儿。

Seven CEO
We have many investment bankers knocking at our doors at the moment, trying to create a growth situation for us, so we are definitely looking at all the possibilities, because we think by next year, we're probably a 150 to 200 million dollar series, so ,we definitely need some help with that in that area.
目前有许多投资银行家主动找上门来,试图为我们的成长而尽力,我们绝对要审视每一个可能。因为我们预见明年将有1.5 亿至2亿的销售额,所以我们这些方面需要很多的帮助。

Jen Rogers
What seven apparently needs no help with is finding buyer. From teenagers, to celebrities, to fashion-forward-moms-to-be, a cross section of women seems to have no problem flanking down 106, 136, even 143 dollars for a pair of jeans.

Seven CEO
It's mind-boggling to me, you know, I pinch myself every day, how can these people afford it with all the economic reports that come out every day?

Jen Rogers
So while the economy might not be running on all cylinders seven sales are. Proving that even in tough times, those fashion conscious consumers can't resist a must -have item of the moment.

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