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AD Spending Rebounds

The advertising business is bouncing back after two tough years. Two new surveys report advertisers are spending again, but it may be a long time before the business reaches its heights of the late ‘90s. Casey Wian has the story from Los Angeles.

Casey Wian, CNN Financial Correspondent
Next week Nissan launches a major U.S. ad campaign. It’s part of a shift in strategy away from incentives and in favor of traditional advertising.
凯西·维恩, CNN财经特派记者

Ted Connelly, Nissan
Well, it’s really a better way to spend our money. It’s an opportunity for us to get the word out about all these new products. And when you have new products, you’ve got to tell people about them.

Nissan’s strategy is one example of a slow but steady recovery in TV ad spending, which has been hammered by the dot-com bust and recession. Another, ABC, says commercial time on its first two “Monday Night Football” broadcasts has sold out, and the entire season is almost full. Advertising analysis firm CMR says the fastest growing media are Spanish-language TV followed by radio, local newspapers and network TV. Still struggling are cable and syndicated TV and business magazines. Overall, Standards & Poors says advertising spending plunged 6.5 percent in 2001, but predicts a 2.7 percent increase this year, followed by a 5 percent jump in 2003. S&P expects improved consumer spending and corporate profits to drive the advertising recovery.
电视广告投入的恢复虽然缓慢但却稳步向前,日产公司的战略便是一个例子,此前广告业因互联网的一蹶不振和经济衰退而备受打击。另外,美国广播公司称,头两期《周一晚橄榄球》栏目的广告时段都已经售出,整个赛季的广告也差不多排满。广告分析师CMR称,发展最迅猛的媒体是西班牙语电视,其次是广播、地区性报纸和联播电视网。有线、集团化电视台和经济类杂志仍在苦心经营。Standards & Poors公司称,总体来看,广告投入在2001年下降了6.5%,但是今年预计将上升2.7%,2003年将飚升5%。Standards & Poors公司预计,消费和公司效益的增长将为广告业复苏提供动力。

Carolyn Bivens, Initiative Media
The feeling in the advertising business is we are so ready for a recovery. I don’t think anybody is ready to jump up and down and say this is all over. There’s no question that we’re out of the worst. The fact that the declines have stopped and the fact that we’re seeing so much life in so many of the sectors gives us pause for real hope for the first time in, I’d say, almost two years.

Bivens says drug companies, retailers, automakers and movie studios are boosting spending the fastest. During the late 1990s, advertising spending rose an average of 7.5 percent per year. Despite the current rebound, S&P says those days are over and expects more modest growth in the years ahead.

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