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Google Goes Public

The .com meltdown years have gone by, but investors still feel the burn. And today most people aren’t interested in hearing about the next impending tech IPO from the 20 something entrepreneurs. They learned their lesson the first time, but rumors that search engine Google may go public by the end of the year, that’s causing a stir among some on Wall Street. Pets.com, kozma.com the Globe.com. All among the hundreds of casualties of the internet gold rush. But the founders of search engine, Google, seem to be proving that success in the .com space doesn’t mean a flashy IPO or lots of advertising.
虽然网络公司冬季已经过去,但是投资者依然感到刺痛。现在大多数人已经没有兴趣去听那些20多岁的企业家讲述下一个要发行的高科技原始股。他们在第一次网络热潮中已尝到了教训,但是有传言说,搜索引擎Goole也许今年年底会上市。这在华尔街引起轰动。在互联网淘金热中,Pets.com、Kozma.com和the Globe.com是不幸夭折的数百网络公司中的几个。但是搜索引擎Google好像证明了网络空间的成功并不意味着浮华的原始股或者诸多广告。

Sergey Brin, Co-founder, Google
A lot of companies really failed there, where they had a huge marketing cost that were out of control. They weren’t able to attract people based on word of mouth, or sustain that traffic based on the quality of the experience.

The success story of 28-year-old Sergey Brin and 29-year-old Larry Page may sound famillar, the young entrepreneurs dreamed up the company while students at Stanford, financed their project by lobbying investors in the late 90’s, and soon went from a dorm room office to sharing a corner office. But what sets them apart from other young entrepreneurs is that Page and Brin have a real product, a product that critics say works very well.

Larry Page, Co-founder, Google
I think the challenge is to get something, you know we had a search engine that was better than the other search engines. So if you get to the stage where you have a product, that’s better than the other products, then you’re in pretty good shape.

Google’s page rank searching system is like no other. Critics say it’s revolutionary. The search engine puts the results first that have the most relevant links to them, the results: more users find what they’re looking for with Google than with any other search engine. And despite the .com doldrums that have ensued since Google was founded in 1998, the company has grown steadily. It makes money not by advertising, but by powering searches on top sites including Yaho, Sony and AOL’S Netscape.

Larry page
We continued to grow constantly throughout the turmoil of the industry. Some things got easier, so you hire people, some thins got harder. There is, you know, there might be less interest in what’s going on. So generally I think the climate has improved for us, we continue to make money and other people aren’t.

Sergey Brin
So right now, we are running very quickly. We have about 400 people, we serve hundreds of millions of users, and we have tons of thousands of computers, so there are, all these things are going very quickly, and managing it, having a management structure in place, and making sure that our resources don’t sort of spiral out of control, are the biggest challenges.

With Google now searching nearly 2 billion web pages, flelding in 150 million search and queries a day, and ranking among the top 5 most visited sites, there is much speculation that by the end of the year, Google will go public. But for now, Page and Brin are keeping plans of their next move private.

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