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Giving advice and opinions 劝说并提出意见

706. It's only a suggestion. It is something you should figure out yourself. 这只是一个建议,但这些事情你必须得自己考虑。

707. If you want my advice, I don't think you should buy it. 如果你愿意听我的劝告,我认为你不应该买。

708. Let me give you a little fatherly advice. 让我谨向你提些慈父般的劝告吧。

709. In my opinion, you'd better stay home with your daughter tonight. 我认为,你今晚最好留在家里陪你的女儿。

710. If you have any idea about that, I wish you would tell me. 如果在这件事上你有任何想法,但愿你能告诉我。

711. My feeling is that the second-hand TV set isn't worth the price they're asking for. 我觉得那台二手电视机不值他们所要的价钱。

712. In general, my reaction is favorable. 一般来说,我的反应是好的。

713. Please don't take offense. I only wanted to tell you what I think. 请你别生气,我只是想把我的想法告诉你就是了。

714. My father is always trying not to interfere in my affairs. 我的父亲总是尽量不干涉我的事情。

715. It's none of my business, but I think you ought to study harder. 这事与我毫无关系,但我觉得你应该更加努力学习。

716. I suggest that you tear up the letter and start over again. 我建议你把这封信撕了,再重头开始写。

718. If you don't take my advice, you'll be sorry one day. 如果你不听我的劝告,总有一天你会后悔的。

719. He won't pay attention to anybody. You're just wasting your breath. 他谁的话都不听,你只是在白费口舌。 720. Thank you for your advice. It is so helpful to me. 谢谢你的建议,这对我很有帮助。


Asking favors of other people 请别人帮忙


721. Excuse me. Can you do me a favor? 对不起,你能帮我个忙吗?

722. Would you please hold the door open for me? 请你给我把门开着,好吗?

723. I'm afraid it was a bother for you to do this. 恐怕做这件事太麻烦你了。

724. It's very kind of you to take the trouble to help me. 你真好,不嫌麻烦地来帮助我。

725. It wasn't any trouble. I was glad to do it. 一点也不麻烦,我很愿意做这件事。

726. Would you be so kind as to turn down the radio? I am writing a letter. 劳驾你把收音机调小声一点好吗?我在写信。

727. If there's anything I can help, don't hesitate to tell me. 如果有什么我能帮忙的,请一定告诉我。

728. Could you lend me twenty dollars? I don't have my wallet on me. 你能借我20美元吗?我身上没带钱包。

729. Would you mind giving me a push? My car has stalled. 劳驾帮我推一下好吗?我的车抛锚了。

730. I'd appreciate it if you would open the window for me. It is stuffy here. 请你把窗打开吧,这里不通风。

731. I wish I could repay you somehow for your kindness. 但愿对你的好意我能有所回报。

732. There's just one last favor I need to ask of you. 还有最后的一件事要你帮忙。

733. I'd be glad to help you in any way I can. 我愿意尽可能帮助你。

734. I certainly didn't intend to cause you so much trouble. 我的确不想给你造成这么大的麻烦。

735. She'll always be indebted to you for what you've done. 对你所做的事,她感激不尽。


Making preparations to travel 做旅行准备


736. I've got many things to do before I can leave. 在我离开以前,我还有许多事情要做。

737. It'll take almost all my savings to buy a return ticket. 买一张双程票几乎花去我全部的储蓄。

738. Oh, I just remembered something! I've got to drop by the bank to get some money. 哦,我刚刚想起一件事!我必须到银行去取点钱。

739. For one thing, I have to buy a big suitcase. 一件事是我必须得去买一个大皮箱。

740. I never would thought of it if you hadn't mentioned it. 要不是你提起,我怎么也不会想起来。

741. Have you applied for your passport? 你已经申请护照了吗?

742. They'll see me off at the airport tomorrow morning. 他们明天早上会到机场送我。

743. They're calling your flight now. You barely have time to make it. 现在正报你的班机起飞时间呢,你勉强能够赶上。

744. It's a good thing you reminded me to take some medicine. 你提醒我带一些药,这是件好事。

745. You'd better take a taxi or you're going to be left behind. 你最好坐出租车去,否则你会被拉下的。

746. I'm sure I've forgotten something, but it's too late now. 我肯定忘记了什么,但现在已经太晚了。

747. I'll write you as soon as I get there. 我一到那儿,就给你写信。

748. Don't forget to call to let us know you arrived safely. 别忘了把你安全到达的消息打电话告诉我们。

749. Do you have anything to declare for customs? 你有什么东西需要报关的吗?

750. You don't have to pay any duty on personal belongings. 你的私人物品不必上税。


Countries and nationalities 国家与国籍


751. What's your nationality? Are you Japanese? 你的国籍是什么?你是日本人吗?

752. What part of the world do you come from? 你是哪国人?

753. I was born in Japan, but I'm a citizen of U.S.. 我生在日本,但我是美国公民。

754. I'm a Chinese by birth. 我生在中国,是个中国人。

755. What's the area of the Philippines in square kilometers? 菲律宾的面积有多少平方公里?

756. Do you know the population of Sweden? 你知道瑞典的人口有多少吗?

757. Who is the Prime Minister of Britain? 英国的首相是谁?

758. Beijing is the capital of China. It's a cosmopolitan city. 北京是中国的首都,它是一个国际都市。

759. According to the latest census, our population has decreased. 根据最近调查,我国的人口减少了。

760. The country is rich in water resources. It has many big fresh lakes. 这个国家水资源丰富,有很多淡水湖。

761. The industrial area is centered largely in the east. 工业区大部分集中在东部。

762. Politically, the country is divided into twenty-four provinces. 这个国家在政治上划分为24个省。

763. This nation is noted for its rapid economic growth. 这个国家以经济快速增长著称。

764. July 4 is the Day of Independence of the United States. 7月4日是美国的独立日。

765. How old do you have to be to vote in the national elections? 你们多大年纪才能参加国民选举?


Geography and land features 地理与地貌


766. Geographically, this country is located in the northern hemisphere. 在地理上,这个国家位于北半球。

767. What kind of climate do you have? Is it mild? 你们这里属于哪种气候?温和吗?

768. The scenery is beautiful near the Atlantic Ocean. 靠近大西洋的地区,风景很美丽。

769. There are many large lakes in this area. 这个地区有许多很大的湖泊。

770. Are most of the mountains located in the west central region? 大部分山脉都在西部中心地区吗?

771. This mountain range has many high peaks and deep canyons. 这条山脉有许多高峰和深谷。

772. The land in this region is dry and parched. 这个地区的土地很干燥。

773. Nile is the longest river in the world. 尼罗河是世界上最长的河流。 774. Along the northern coast there are many high cliffs. 沿着北部海岸有许多悬崖峭壁。

775. There are forests here, and lumbering is very important. 这里有许多森林,因而伐木业很重要。

776. As you travel northward, does the land get higher and higher? 当你向北旅行时,地势是否变得越来越高?

777. Is the coastal plain good for farming? 沿岸平原适宜耕种吗?

778. The weather is warm and sunny here. Do you get much rain? 这里的气候温和,阳光充足。你们这儿雨水多吗?

779. The nearer you get to the equator, the hotter it is. 越靠近赤道,天气就越热。

780. How far is it from the shore of the Pacific to the mountains? 从太平洋沿岸到山区有多远?


Schools and education 学校和教育


781. Children enter school at the age of six, don't they? 孩子们都在6岁上学,是不是?

782. Children begin to learn basic morals in the kindergarten. 孩子们从幼儿园开始学习基本的道德规范。

783. In elementary school, the child learns to read and write. 在小学里孩子们学习读书和写字。

784. In secondary school, students get more advanced knowledge. 在中学里,学生获得更深一些的知识。

785. In universities, students train to become teachers and engineers. 在大学里,学生被培养成为教师和工程师。

786. I went to grade school in Los Angeles and high school in New York. 我在洛杉矶上小学,在纽约上中学。

787. In college I majored in English. What was your major? 在学院了,我主修英语,你主修什么?

788. My brother graduated from university. Graduation was last night. 我的兄弟大学毕业了,毕业晚会是昨晚举行的。 789. I am a graduate of Harvard University. I have a Bachelor of Sciences. 我是哈佛大学的毕业生。我取得理科学士学位。

790. My father is a headmaster of a primary school. 我父亲是小学校长。

791. Is your uncle a high school principal? 你的伯父是中学校长吗?

792. No, he is a university president. 不,他是一位大学校长。

793. If you want to enter the university, you should apply now. 如果你要上大学,你现在就该申请。

794. What kind of grades did you make in college? 你在大学里的学习成绩如何? 795. Nathan has extracurricular activities. He's on the basketball team. 纳森参加了很多课外活动,他是个篮球队员。


Work and careers 工作与职业


796. What's your job? Are you a doctor? 你是做什么工作的?你是医生吗?

797. I am a federal employee. I work for the Department of Labor. 我是联邦政府的雇员,我在劳动部工作。

798. Sue has built up her own business. She owns a company. 苏已经有了自己的生意,她有一家公司。

799. What kind of work do you want to do when you grow up? 你长大后想做什么工作?

800. As soon as I complete my training, I am going to be a cashier. 一旦训练期满,我就准备当一名出纳员。

801. My brother is a pilot with the airlines. He loves his job very much. 我的兄弟是航空公司的驾驶员,他非常热爱自己的工作。

802. Richard joined the army two years ago. He was just promoted to the rank of major. 理查德两年前加入军队。他刚刚被提升为少校。

803. My sister worked as a nurse before she got married. 我的姐妹结婚前是一名护士。

804. George is an attorney. He has his own practice. 乔治是个律师。他自己开业。

805. After a successful career in business, he was appointed ambassador. 他在事业上取得成就后,被任命后大使。

806. He always takes pride in his work. He's very efficient. 他总是以自己的工作而骄傲。他是个很能干的人。

807. She has a good-paying job with excellent hours. 她的工作薪金很高,工作时间也很理想。

808. Mr. Johnson is a statesman. He's running for election as senator. 约翰逊先生是为政治家,他正在参加参议院选举。

809. Have you ever thought about a career in the insurance profession? 你曾经想过从事保险这一行业吗?

810. I like singing, but I wouldn't want it to be my life's work. 我喜欢唱歌,但我还不愿意把它就作为我的终身职业。

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