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Farms and factories 农场与工厂

811. In this flat country people grow rice and raise cattle. 在这土地平坦的乡间,人们种植水稻,饲养牲畜。

812. What are the principal farm products in this area? 这个地区的主要农产品是什么?

813. The ground around here is stony and not very good for farming. 这儿周围的土地多地块,因而不太适于耕种。 814. Farmers plow their fields and sow in spring. 农民在春天犁地播种。

815. Milk, butter and cheese are shipped here from the dairy farms. 牛奶、黄油和奶酪都是从各个制酪场运到这里来的。

816. On many farms you will find cows and chickens. 在许多农场你都会看到奶牛和鸡。

817. My father has a cow and he gets up early to do the milking every morning. 我的父亲养了一头奶牛,他每天早上很早起床去挤奶。

818. They had to cut down a lot of trees to make room for farming. 为了腾出地方开辟农场,只好伐倒很多树木。

819. Many modern machines have revolutionized farming. 许多现代机器革新了耕作方法。

820. Is it true that there are many factories for making cloth in the United Kingdom? 在英国有很多纺织工厂,这是真的吗?

821. Employing child labor is forbidden in the United States. 美国禁止雇用童工。

823. The manufacturing of automobiles is a major industry in Detroit. 汽车制造是底特律的主要工业。

824. If you work in a factory, you usually have to punch a clock. 如果你在工厂工作,你就要在上下班记时卡上打孔。

825. Is meat packing a big country in your state? 在你们州,肉类加工是否算一门大型工业?


Hobbies and interests 爱好和兴趣


826. What do you usually do in your spare time? 你业余时间一般做什么?

827. My hobby is taking photographs. 我爱好摄影。

828. I've always thought collecting stamps would be an interesting hobby. 我总以为集邮是一种有趣的爱好。

829. My brother likes horseback riding, but I prefer golfing as a hobby. 我哥哥喜欢骑马,而我喜欢打高尔夫球。

830. On weekends I like to get my mind off my work by playing badminton. 每当周末,我总爱借助打羽毛球把我的注意力从工作中摆开。

831. Do you have any special interests other than your studies? 你除了学习以外,还有什么其他特殊爱好吗?

832. He plays the violin for the fun of it. 她拉小提琴只是为了好玩。

833. I find playing computer games relaxing and it takes my mind off my work. 我觉得玩计算机游戏是一种休息,它可以使我的注意力从工作中移开。

834. I've heard of unusual hobbies, but I've never heard of that one. 我听说过一些不平常的嗜好,但我从未听说过那种嗜好。

835. She's not a professional. She draws for her own enjoyment. 她不是职业画家,她画画只是为了消遣。

836. Emma is a member of a drama club. She seems to enjoy acting. 爱玛是话剧俱乐部的演员,她好像对表演很感兴趣。

837. I started a new hobby. I got tired of working in the garden. 我开始了新的爱好,我对养花已经厌倦了。

838. I've got interested in hi-fi. I'm building my own equipment. 我对高保真收音机发生了兴趣,我正在自己装配一台。 839. The trouble with stamp collecting is that it's an expensive hobby. 集邮爱好不好的地方在于它花费太大了。

840. That's a rare set of coins. How long did it take you to collect them? 这是一套罕见的钱币。你用了多长时间收集的?


Recreation and sports 文体活动


841. Volleyball is my favorite sport. What's yours? 排球是我最喜欢的运动,你最喜欢的运动是什么?

842. Last night we went to a football match. It was so exciting. 昨晚我们去看了一场足球比赛,太激动人心了。

843. I like running and swimming, but I don't like hunting. 我喜欢跑步和游泳,但不喜欢打猎。

844. When you played football, what position did you play? 你踢足球踢的是什么位置?

845. Would you be interested in going to the horse races tomorrow? 明天你有兴趣去看赛马嘛?

846. This afternoon we went to the gym for a workout. We played table tennis. 今天下午我们到体育馆练习了,我们打乒乓球。

847. My muscles are sore from lifting weights. 我的肌肉因为举重而感到酸痛。

848. My cousin is a baseball player. He is a catcher. 我的表弟是个垒球运动员,他是一个接球员。

849. I went camping with my friends last Sunday. We bought a new tent. 上星期天我和朋友一起去露营,我们买一副新帐篷。

850. My brother loves climbing. He belongs to a climbing club. 我弟弟很爱登山,他是登山俱乐部的成员。

851. They played a game yesterday afternoon. The score was tied three-to-three. 他们昨天下午赛了一场球,打成三平。

852. What do you do for recreation? Do you like jogging? 你通常做什么娱乐运动?你喜欢慢跑吗?

853. When I was on the track team, I used to be a jumper. 过去我在田径队时,我是跳高运动员。

854. Be a good sport. Play according to the rules of the game. 做一名风格高的运动员。要遵守比赛规则。

855. The hardest thing to learn is to be a good loser. 最难学的是要做一个输得起的运动员。


Newspapers and magazines 报章杂志


856. What's the total circulation of this newspaper? 这份报纸的总发行量是多少?

857. Washington Post is one of the major newspapers in the United States. 华盛顿邮报是美国主要报纸之一。 858. My sister-in-law is a journalist on Newsweek. 我的弟妇是《新闻周刊》的记者。

859. If you send in a subscription on the newspaper, it'll be delivered to your door. 如果你订阅报纸,它会直接给你送上门的。

860. Is there any article in today's paper about the general election? 今天报上有刊登报道有关大选的文章吗?

861. There was nothing interesting in the paper today. 今天报上没有什么有趣的新闻。

862. I subscribed to that magazine. It is put out every week. 我订阅了那本杂志,它是周刊。

863. I was too busy to read the whole paper. I just glanced at the headlines. 我太忙了,没法看整份报纸,只是浏览了一下大标题。

864. My brother has a newspaper route. He delivers the evening paper. 我哥哥专跑一条送报路线,他每天递送晚报。

865. Did you read the article about the rescue of the little girl? 你读过那篇关于营救那个小女孩的文章吗?

866. The first two chapters of the story is in the issue of the magazine. 这个故事的头两章登在这一期杂志上。

867. I am looking for the classified section. Have you seen it? 我正在找分类广告栏,你见到了吗?

868. Is the latest issue of the magazine out? 最新的一期杂志出版了吗?

869. Why don't you put on an advertisement in the paper to sell your house? 你为什么不在报上登个广告把你的房子卖掉?

870. I got five replies to my ad about the car for sale. 已经收到五份对我的出售轿车广告的回复。


Radio and television 收音机和电视机


871. What channel did you watch on television last night? 昨天晚上你看电视收的是什么波段?

872. What's on following the news and weather? Do you have a TV guide? 在播完新闻和天气预报以后是什么节目?你有电视节目播送时间表吗?

873. I couldn't hear the program because there was too much static. 我听不清这个节目,因为干扰太大。

874. I wonder if this is a local broadcast. 我不知道这是不是本地广播。

875. You get good reception on your TV. 你那台电视机的接收情况很好。

876. The next time I buy a TV set, I'm going to buy a portable model. 下一次买电视机,我准备买一台手提式的。

877. I don't get a good picture on my TV set. There must be something wrong. 我的电视机图像不好,肯定有故障。

878. You ought to have Bill look at your radio. Maybe he could fix it. 你应该请比尔给你检查一下收音机,也许他能把它修好。

879. You'd get better TV reception if you had an outside antenna. 如果你接上室外天线,你的电视机的接收效果会更好。

880. We met one of the engineers over at the television station. 我们遇见一位在电视台那边工作的工程师。

881. Most amateur radio operators build their own equipment. 大多数无线电业余爱好者都是自己装机子。

882. Please turn the TV up. It is too low. 请把电视机开大点,声音太小了。

883. Where can I plug in the TV? Is this outlet all right? 什么地方可以接通电视?这个插销可以用吗?

884. Your car radio works very well. What kind is it? 你的汽车收音机性能很好,它是哪一种收音机?

885. Station TC is off the air now. They signed off one hour ago. TC电台现在已经停止播音。广播是在一小时前结束的。


Music and literature 音乐与文学


886. We'll go to a concert tomorrow evening to hear the symphony orchestra. 明天晚上我们去参加音乐会,听交响乐队的演奏。

887. Have you ever thought about becoming a professional pianist? 你曾想过要成为一个职业钢琴家吗?

888. Who would you name as the greatest musician of our times? 你认为当代最伟大的音乐家是谁?

889. What kind of music do you like best? Do you like serenade? 你最喜欢听哪种音乐?你喜欢听小夜曲吗?

890. He's a composer of serious music. I like his music a lot. 他是个庄严音乐的作曲家,我非常喜欢他创作的曲子。

891. My sister took lessons on the flute for nearly five years. 我妹妹学吹长笛已将近5年了。

892. I've never heard that piece before. Who wrote it? 我以前从来没有听过那个曲子,它是谁谱写的?

893. You play the guitar beautifully. How much do you practice every day? 你的吉他弹得很好,你每天练多长时间?

894. This poem is realistic. I don't care for it very much. 这首诗是写实的,我不太喜欢。

895. Who is the author of Romeo and Juliet? 谁是《罗密欧与朱丽叶》的作者?

896. Many great writers were not appreciated fully while they were alive. 许多大作家在世时,他们的作品往往得不到人们的充分赞赏。

897. It is the most stirring story I've ever read. 这是我读过的所有故事中最激动人心的一篇。

898. This writer used vivid descriptions in his writings. 这位作家在他的作品中采用了生动的描绘手法。

899. This is a novel about frontier life in the United States. 这是一部描写美国边界居民生活的小说。

900. How much do you know about romanticism? 关于浪漫主义,你知道多少?

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