Ӣ -> Ƶ -> (3) -> ӢĬѡ -> б

1. Two Tickets Please
2. I'll Keep it on My Floor
3. The Attraction of the Map
4. What Grade
5. An Adult Decision
6. We're on That Mountain Over There
7. I'm Going to Let My Chauffeur Answer it
8. Where Do You Want These Blinds
9. Whose Dog Was the Smartest
10. What Will Be the Headline
11. A Challenging Hunt
12. You're Not Going to Make it
13. A Pleasant Surprise
14. A Clever dog
15. It Seemed like Hours
16. Mother's Feet
17. I Want to Get Out
18. Nest and Hair
19. I Never Work after Supper
20. Coffee Problem
Ķռ ʵӢ Ӣ Ӣ﷨ʻ ټб