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1.Abode n.住处 同:residence
The woodcutter’s abode was a house in the forest.

2.Annual adj.一年一次的 同:yearly
The company allows us an annual vacation of two weeks.

3.Coax v.诱哄 同:cajole
The mother coaxed the boy to take the medicine, but he refused to take it.

4.Colleague n.同事 同:associate
The teacher’s colleagues taught his classes while he was ill.

5.Dispense v.分配 同:distribute
The Red Across dispensed food and clothing to the flood victims.

6.Gingerly adv.极度小心;谨慎的 同: cautiously
In the darkness, he turned to the left, stepping gingerly.

7.Hug v.抱紧 同: embrace
The mother hugged her lost child and kissed him.

8.Humiliate v.使丢脸 同:disgrace
The boys humiliated their parents by behaving badly in front of the guest.

9.Obstruct v.阻隔;遮断 同:impede
The mountain roads were obstructed by falling rocks.

10.Overthrow v.推翻 同:upset
The government was overthrown.

11.Recapture v.收复 同:retake
The soldiers recaptured the city lost to the enemy.

12.Slim adj.细长的 同:slender
He was very slim, being six feet tall and weighting only 130 pounds.

13.Vicinity n. 1.附近 同:neighborhood 2.接近
There are no houses for sale in this vicinity.
The vicinity of the apartment to his office was an advantage on rainy days.

14.Arctic n.北极地区 反:antarctic
The Arctic has an extremely cold winter.

15.Attic n.阁楼;顶楼 反:basement
We store trunks in the attic of the house.

16.Diminish v.减少 反:enlarge
Poor crops so diminished the food supply that people were starving.

17.Dishonest adj.不诚实的 反:candid
A person who lies, cheats, or steals is dishonest.

18.Drunken adj.醉的 反:sober
The noisy drunken man on the street was soon arrested by the police.

19.Foe n.敌人 反:friend
The person who holds ill feelings against you is your foe.

20.Foresee v.预知 反:retrospect
He foresaw that his journey would be delayed by bad weather.

21.Jolly adj.愉快的 反:gloomy
Everyone at the party was very jolly, and didn’t want to leave the party.

22.Maximum n.最大量 反:minimum
Sixteen miles in a day was the maximum distance we could walk.

23.Mistress n.女主人 反:master
She felt she was no longer mistress in her own house when her husband’s mother came to stay.

24.Prefix n. 前缀词缀 反:suffix
“Under” in underline, “dis-” in disappear, and ”pre-” in prepaid are prefixes.

25.Relax v.松懈;放松 反:strain
Discipline can’t be relaxed until the last day of school has passed.

26.Superficial adj.肤浅 反:internal
The speaker had only a superficial knowledge of the subject.

27.Allege v.声称
The storekeeper alleged that the boy had stolen some fruit.

28.Current adj.现在的
We read the daily newspaper to keep up with the current situation.

29.Exalt v.赞扬
They were exalted by their son’s success.

30.Expand v.膨胀
The balloon expanded as it was filled with air.

31.Industrialize v.使工业化
We have to make our every effort to industrialize our country.

32.Justify v.证明为正当
Your wish to go for walk does not justify your leaving the baby alone in the house.

33.Prescribe v. 1.开处方 2.规定
The doctor prescribed a new medicine for the pain in my joints.
Good citizens do what the laws prescribe.

34.Presume v.推测
John didn’t say when he would return, but I presume he’ll be back for dinner.

35.Slaughter n.屠宰
The cattle were sent to the city for slaughter.

36.Statistics n.统计表;统计学
These statistics show that the population of the country will be doubled in ten years.

37.Supplement n.附刊
Today’s newspaper has a supplement on the new automobile models.

38.Trifle n.琐事
You will not succeed if you waste your time on trifles such as movies and dances.

39.Withdraw n.收回
He quickly withdrew his hand from the hot stove.

40.Armor n.铁甲
Nothing could break through the armor of the new tank.

41.Buzz v.使作嗡嗡声
The radio should be fixed; it buzzed whenever I turn it on.

42.Cancer n.癌
A great many cancers can be cured, but only if properly treated before they have begun to spread.

43.Collapse v. 1.倒塌 2.折叠
The roof collapsed as a result of the fire.
This table can be collapsed, so I can store it easily when I’m not using it.

44.Contemporary adj. 1.同时代的 2.现代的
In 1066 William landed in England, and a contemporary Englishman wrote the report of his landing.
Our teacher reads the books of many contemporary authors to us.

45.Exile v.放逐
The political leaders were exiled to an island far away from the country.

46.Infantry n.步兵
Men in the infantry often march long distance.

47.Monk n.修道士
He left his successful business and life of luxury to become a monk.

48.Orchard n.果园
These oranges come from an orchard in Florida.

49.Pirate n.海盗
The terrible pirates attacked a merchant ship again.

50.Sullen adj.闷闷不乐的
That boy becomes sullen if he is punished by is teacher.

51.Telescope n.望远镜
He was studying the stars through a telescope.

52.Usher n.引导员
The usher of the theater helped us find our seats.


1.The medical bills during my long sickness have _____ my savings.
2.Drivers must not exceed a(an) _____ of 60 miles an hour on this road.
3.The cut is not deep. It is a (an) _____ cut.
4.Let’s stop working and _____ for an hour.
5.We didn’t take our bathing suits, because we could _____ that the water would be cold.
6.The fine quality of the clothes _____ its high price.
7.What punishment does the law _____ for this crime?
8.They _____ Napoleon to the island of St.Helena.
9.He was so disappointed with the world that he decided to be a(an) _____ .
10.It is disagreeable to have to sit at the breakfast table with a(an) _____ person.

1. diminished 2. maximum 3. superficial 4. relax 5. foresee
6. justifies 7. prescribe 8. exiled 9. monk 10.sullen