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1.Anticipate v.预期 同:expect
Mother anticipated my hunger and baked cookies for me.

2.htmire v.渴望 同:desire
In his childhood, he aspired to become a great general.

3.Attorney n.律师 同:lawyer
The court appointed and attorney for the accused man.

4.Counsel 1.n.忠告 同:advice 2.v.劝告
They refused to listen to the old man’s counsel.
They counseled against travelling at night in such a dangerous country.

5.Falter v.1.动摇;胆怯 同:hesitate 2.蹒跚而行
The soldiers faltered for a moment as their captain fell.
The sick man faltered for few steps, and then fell down.

6.Ghastly adj.可怕的 同:ghostlike
After a sleepless night, she looked very ghastly.

7.Gratitude n.感激 同:thankfulness
She showed me her gratitude by inviting me to dinner.

8.Plume n.羽毛 同:feather
The rooster lost one of his plumes in the fight with the cat.

9.Promote v.1.升迁 同:advance 2.促进
The young army officer was promoted to captain.
An understanding of the culture of other countries may promote peace.

10.Shudder v.战栗 同:shrive
She shuddered at the sight of the dead body.

11.Swamp n.沼泽 同:marsh
The land is useless growing crops; it’s mainly swamp.

12.Terrific adj.1.可怕的 同:awful 2.极好的
The terrific storm destroyed most of the houses in the city.
It was such a terrific party that I didn’t feel like going back home.

13.Villain n.恶棍 同:rogue
The villain was caught by the police and brought to trial.

14.Absent-minded adj.心不在焉的 反:attentive
The absent-minded man put salt in his coffee and sugar on his egg.

15.Acute adj.敏感的 反:dull
A dog has a very acute sense of smell.

16.Entry 1.入口 反:exit 2.进入
Leave the boxes in the entry and we will carry them up latter.
His sudden entry startled all of us.

17.Immigrate v.迁入 反:emigrate
During the 1800’s many thousands of people from Europe immigrated into the United States to make a new home.

18.Intensify v.加强 反:weaken
My first failure only intensified my desire to succeed.

19.Invariable adj.不变的 反:inconstant
After dinner it was his invariable habit to take a nap for a while.

20.Latitude n.纬度 反:longitude
One degree of latitude on the earth’s surface equals almost 70 miles.

21.Secondhand adj.用过的;旧的 反:new
The books in the secondhand bookstore are very cheap.

22.Specify v.详尽陈述 反:outline
Please specify when you will be at home tomorrow.

23.Trivial adj.不重要的 反:important
Your composition has only a few trivial mistakes.

24.Vulgar adj.粗俗的 反:noble
She is a very vulgar woman to shout like that at the top of her voice.

25.Accommodate v.1.容纳 n. accommodation 2.适应
The airplane is large enough to accommodate over 400 passengers.
We have to accommodate ourselves to our changed circumstances.

26.Bewilder v.迷惑 bewilderment
The old woman from the country was bewildered by the crowds and traffic in the big city.

27.Circulate v.流通 n. circulation
Money circulates as it goes from person to person.

28.Deceive v.欺骗 n. deception
I trust him because I know he would never deceive me.

29.Define v.下定义 n. definition
Some words are hard to define because they have many different uses.

30.Disrupt v.使分裂;使中断 n. disruption
The accident disrupted railway service into and out of the city.

31.Heredity n.遗传 adj. hereditary
Some disease develop because of the bad conditions one lives in and others are present by heredity.

32.Myth n.神话 adj. mythical
There are many myths about how the world first began.

33.Outrage n.暴行;迫害 adj. outrageous
The use of atomic bombs would be an outrage against humanity.

34.Patriot n.爱国者 adj. patriotic
Many patriots died while fighting in the war for independence.

35.Penetrate v.穿过 n. penetration
A bullet can penetrate this board, or two inches into that wall.

36.Restrict v.限制 n. restriction
In the United States the sale of liquor is restricted to people over twenty-one years old.

37.Temperament n.性情;资质 adj. temperamental
Whether a person likes sports or not depends largely upon his temperament.

38.Blink v.1.眨眼 2.闪烁
She blinked her eyes as the bright light shone on her.
As the ship drew near to port in the darkness, we could see the lights blinking on land.

39.Earthquake n.地震
Many buildings were damaged or completely destroyed by the earthquake last night.

40.Exploit 1.n.功绩 2.v.开发
The sergeant won the Medal of Honor for his exploits during the Korean War.
They are planning to exploit the oil under the sea.

41.Famine n.饥荒
Many people died of hunger during the famine in India.

42.Fraud n.欺骗
He carried out a number of frauds on trusting people who lent him money.

43.Murmur v.低吟
The children murmured as they memorized the poem.

44.Patrol v.巡逻
Policemen patrol the city day and night so as to protect the lives and properties of the citizens.

45.Prime adj.首要的
Safety is a matter of prime importance.

46.Recess n.休息期间
There will be a short recess before the next meeting.

47.Reptile n.爬虫类
Some reptiles, such as snakes or lizards, move very fast.

48.Rustle v.发沙沙声
Her long silk dress rustled as she walked down the stairs.

49.Scowl v.蹙额
He scowled at me when I asked for more money.

50.Wretch n.可怜的人
The poor wretch asked for food and place to sleep in.


1. A good secretary ____ her employ’s needs and always prepares for them.
2. The farmer will drain the _____ so that he can plant crops there.
3. Pupils who pass the test will be _____ to the next higher grade.
4. Blowing on a fire ____ the heat.
5. The customer _____ the precise type of house he wanted.
6. The news of the enemy’s defeat quickly _____ around the city.
7. Most _____ express a religious belief of a people , and are of unknown origin.
8. The average person _____ his eyes about 25 times a minute.
9. As the boy came in late,the teacher _____ at him.
10.The woolen dress is a(an) _____;it’s supposed to be washable,but now I’ve washed it,it’s too small to wear.

1. anticipates 2. swamp 3. promoted 4. intensifies 5. specified
6. circulated 7. myths 8.blinks 9. scowled 10. fraud