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Apparatus n.仪器 同:equipment
The town has recently purchased some new fire-fighting apparatus.

Assert v.断言 同:insist
The witness asserted that the salesman was dishonest.

Assign v.分派 同:allot
He was pleased that he was assigned such an easy task in the company.

Compensate v.赔偿 同:reward
He gave me a new knife to compensate for the one of mine he lost.

Deem v.认为 同:consider
He would deem it an honor if the minister came to see him.

Inviolable adj.不可侵犯的 同:sacred
Freedom of action is one of the inviolable rules of human behavior.

Specimen n.标本 同:sample
He collects specimens of all kinds of rocks and minerals.

Stimulate v.刺激;鼓舞 同:excite
The beating of a drum on the battlefield stimulated the soldiers to fight more bravely.

Tendency n.趋势 同:inclination
Boys have a stronger tendency to fight than girls.

Testify v.证明 同:prove
He testified that the car was being driven slowly at the time of the accident.

Tourist n.观光客 同:traveller
Each year, many foreign tourists visit Taiwan for sight-seeing.

Utility n.效用 同:usefulness
Their furniture was chosen for utility rather than for elegance.

Blunt adj.钝的 反:sharp
Too much alcohol makes all your senses blunt.

Elastic adj.有弹性的 反:inflexible
Toy balloons , sponges and steel springs are elastic.

Exit n. 1.出口 反:entrance 2.离去
He left the building through the rear exit.
When the cat came in, the little mouse made a hasty exit.

Fatigue n.疲劳 反:vigor
He was pale with fatigue after his sleepless night.

Heir n.(男)继承人 反:heiress
When he died, his young nephew was the only heir to his great wealth.

Inflate v.膨胀 反:deflate
As the currency of a country is inflated, the prices of goods begin to rise.

Plump 1. adj.丰满 反:thin 2. v.忽然落下
She is too plump to fit into this dress.
Utterly exhausted, she plumped down on a chair.

Recall v. 1.忆起 反:forget 2.召回
Mother could recalled stories that she had heard years ago.
The government recalled the general after he lost the battle.

Shun v.避开 反:encounter
You can hardly shun meeting her if you and she both work in the same office.

Sneer v.轻蔑;嘲笑 反:admire
The mean girl sneered at the poor girl’s cheap clothes.

Adjoin v.临近 adj. adjoining
Canada and Mexico adjoin the United States of America.

Ally 1. v.同盟 n. alliance 2. n.同盟
Great Britain, France and Italy were allied during the First World War.
Great Britain and the United States were allies in both World Wars.

Chaste adj.贞洁的 n. chastity
Her parents teach her to be chaste and decent in her behavior.

Confide v. 1.依赖(告知秘密) n. confidence 2.信任
When she was a child she always confided her problems to her sister.
We can’t confide in his words , for he often breaks his promises.

Defy v.藐视 n. defiance
The driver of the car was defying the traffic law by speeding.

Disrupt v. 1.使中断 2.使分裂 adj. disruptive
An accident has disrupted railway service into and out of the city.
Slavery seemed likely to disrupt the Union.

Enable v.使能够 n. ablility
The bird’s large wings enable it to fly very fast.

Fantastic adj.怪诞的 n. fantasy
The wall was covered with many fantastic pictures and photographs.

Impact n.冲击 adj. impactive
The force of the impact threw the driver out of the car.

Interfere v.干涉 n. interference
It is best not to interfere in other people’s arguments.

Minimize v.将…减至最小程度 n. minimum
You can minimize the dangers of driving, by taking care to obey all he rules of the road.

Narrate v.叙述 adj. narrative
Shall I narrate a strange experience of mine?

Visual adj.视觉的 n. vision
The contrasting colors created an interesting visual effect.

Appliance n.. 1.电器用品 2.应用
The modern house has many useful electrical appliances.
The appliance of electricity to household tasks makes house.

Brood 1. n.孵;窝 2. v.沉思
There are twelve chickens in this brood.
She brooded on her past mistakes so much that she became ill.

Fringe n.边缘
The woodcutter had a little house on the fringe of the forest.

Gravel n.碎石
The path to the house was covered with gravel.

Hut n.小屋
In the storm, they found a shabby hut in the forest.

Lure 1. n.诱饵 2. v.引诱
The fisherman had some bright colored lures to attract fish.
The hope of high profits lured him into questionable dealings.

Perch 1. n.栖身处 2. v.栖息
The bird flew down from its perch in the cage.
The bird perched on the woman’s shoulder.

Retail n.零售
Most people buy meat and groceries at retail.

Stride n.大步
Great strides have been made in science since 1900.

Swarm 1. n.群 2. v.蜂拥
A swarm of people surrounded the car to see the famous actress in it.
Rural populations swarmed into near by towns.

Twig n.小树枝
The tree bears so many apples that the twigs seem almost broken down.

Wade v.涉水
The bridge is far away from here; we’d better wade across the stream.

Wrinkle n.皱纹
She is beginning to get many wrinkles around her eyes.


1.The police _____ it necessary for the town’s safety to arrest more speeders.
2.A large building may have a heating _____ by which all the rooms are steam-heated.
3.Many firms _____ their workers when they are hurt at work.
4._____ material has the quality of springing back to its original shape after being bent or stretched.
5.They have not yet recovered from their _____ of overworking.
6.I asked him to look after my bags because I can _____ in him.
7.The idea that machines could be made to fly seemed _____ a hundred years ago.
8.I walked the floor to and fro with heavy _____ as if excited to fury.
9.The soldiers _____ across the stream when they saw the bridge had been destroyed.
10.It is natural that the _____ price is higher than the wholesale price.

1.deemed 2.apparatus 3.compensate 4.elastic 5.fatigue
6.confide 7.fantastic 8.strides 9.waded 10.retail